Kleer Hanger

We introduce ourselves as caterers of household products, which are In-House Productions. In our current set of products, we would like to draw your attention towards ‘KLEER HANGER‘- A semi-automatic clothes hanging system.The details of this product and the benefits of having one in your home are listed below; please refer to the same.

SIZE: Available in sizes of 6 Ft. and 8 Ft.

OPERATION: Each bar can be operated separately ensures easy movement, even in narrow passages.

CONVENIENCE: Weight of clothes gets distributed; hence easy to lift the load of wet clothes.

LOOK: No sagging strings or ropes- gives an elegant, sophisticated
and balanced look.

MATERIAL: Use of special anodised pipes, specially manufactured pulleys; ropes and brackets-lightweight, zero-maintenance and rust proof.

WARRANTY: One year, post installation.

AFTER SALES: Prompt after-sales.

Can be fitted anywhere- covered terraces, alternate balconies, passages, kitchens, utility, etc.

We guarantee that this shall not only ease out the cumbersome and tedious process of ‘clothes drying’, but also improves the overall aesthetics of your premises.
You can book this product by directly calling us at +91 9831067745.
To view a Demo Video of this product, Click Here.